WFP is a strategic and creative consulting firm that helps its clients achieve ambitious business goals by providing them with the most effective technological, data-driven and creative solutions.

Our advisors design and execute innovative strategies and campaigns to help
purposeful brands communicate the social impact of their ESG programs.

We help companies fully understand the phenomenon of
digital transformation and achieve its potential within their organization. 



  • Digital Transformation

  • ESG Marketing Strategy

  • Growth Hacking

  • Brand Reputation

  • Data Architecture

  • Industry 4.0

  • Digital Governance

  • Marketing Automation

  • E-Commerce Solutions


  • Lead Generation & Nurturing 

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • e-Mail Marketing

  • Display Adv

  • Native Adv

  • Digital PR

  • Influencers Marketing

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  • CMS, Web Design, UI/UX Design

  • CRM & Marketing Automation

  • Cyber Security

  • Augmented Analytics

  • CDP & Data Governance

  • Database Development & Management



  • Brand Stories

  • Video Productions

  • Visual Identity & Logo Design 

  • Infographics

  • Photo Shootings

  • Articles PR

  • Tutorials

  • Blogging & Social Media

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We designed and managed the Digital Strategy for the promotion of the UEFA Euro Under 21 championships which were held in Italy in 2019. The #TifiamoEuropa CSR campaign we launched on Social Media made it possible to welcome and include the fans we hosted in our country.


We created the Digital Transformation Strategy of two Venezuelan Rum brands using AI, IoT, Blockchain and eCommerce.

We designed the ESG Marketing strategy that ties two Unesco sites in Venezuela (World Heritage Sites) with the company's CSR activities.


We created and deployed the new Digital Content Strategy of the National Volleyball teams, to engage the  volleyball fans with unconventional stories that connected the National Players and the Sponsor DHL to the values of diversity, sustainability and inclusion.


We developed the Digital Storytelling of the fundraising campaign for Terre Des Hommes's #indifesa project, which aims to reduce health risks and improve the living conditions of girls all over the world.


We created the Digital Content Strategy of the "W il Calcio Academy" project, a path designed by Volkswagen and the Italian Footballers Association (AIC) to teach boys and girls between 10 and 14 who love football the importance of being fair on and off the pitch.


Our Digital Content & Social Media Strategy presented the passion for the land of the company, which for over 70 years, thanks to the collaboration with first-choice producers and trusted partners, has been able to distribute fresh and genuine products, carefully selected every day.


We conceived and executed the Cat's Life Digital Campaign to raise awareness on the prevention of fleas and ticks in cats, aimed at encouraging cat owners to contact their veterinarians and explain the advantages of tablet treatment, that few pet owners know in Italy.


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